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Phlogopite Mica

Our Grades of Phlogopite Micas contain less than 0.1% crystalline silica, offer high aspect ratio and highly delaminated platelets which provide the formulator great flexibility. Use our micas where improved acoustical, electrical, thermal, mechanical and chemical properties are required. Phlogopite mica is an excellent glass extender in glass-filled nylon and polyolefins.

General Features

Plastic & Rubber
Improves Engineering Properties, such as Flexural modulus / Heat distortion temperature / Creep resistance / Tensile modulus. Also improves electrical properties, surface appearance, barrier properties and chemical resistance. Reduces shrinkage, warpage and is Extremely Cost Effective. Our surface treated grade provide additional property improvements / dispersion benefits.

Building Products
Reduces Sagging, shrinkage and mud cracking. Improves workability, trowel ability and is easy to sand - low crystalline silica.

Coatings & Inks
Reduces moisture penetration, mud cracking, chalking and checking, as well as, improves UV resistance chemical resistance and stain resistance while also reinforcing paint film.

Adhesives and Sealants
Reduces cracking, shrinkage, moisture, gas permeability and improves heat resistance. Easily sprayable, improves acoustical properties and heat resistance.