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Sodium Bentonite - Calcium Bentonite
When looking for the most suitable product for your application, you can count on The Kish Company's product portfolio and experience. We help keep it simple. Contact your Kish authorized representative or contact us directly to assist.

Hectabrite® (Hectorite):
White, magnesium-rich clay highly purified to exhibit rheology four to five times more efficient than purified bentonite.

Hectalite® (Hectorite):
Magnesium-rich clay that exhibits high efficiency and excellent rheology and stability where high brightness is not required.

Polargel®: Magnabrite® (Magnesium Aluminum Silicate):
Highly purified, used for ease of dispersion, high viscosity, and excellent stability and rheology. Naturally occurring white sodium bentonite with fine texture and brilliant white color.

Volclay® (sodium and calcium bentonites):
Gray and cream-colored clay (montmorillonites) for use as suspension agents, viscosifiers, gellants and binders.

Attapulgite Clay
These clays are designed for use as a suspending agent, neutralizer, absorbent and emulsifier. Also employed as a filler in numerous joint compound formulations.