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Muscovite Mica

The most important difference between Phlogopite and Muscovite Micas is that Muscovite Mica is silvery white in color, while phlogopite is light brown.

Coarse Flake Muscovite Mica Grades are dry ground, high aspect ratio potassium silicate. These products are very uniform in particle size and have a low percentage of fines. These coarse flake mica products are widely used in a number of applications including: plastics, foundry resins, brake shoes, refractories, sound deadening, adhesives, coatings, welding rods, tank linings, floor coatings, sealants, mastics, lubricants and cement based products. We also have KCM-100K which is screened version of KCM-100, to remove the + 100 mesh partcles. This is a very friendly product for several of the plastic compounders.

Wet Ground Muscovite Mica Grades are high aspect ratio materials which exhibits exceptional brightness and purity.

These micas are excellent additives for plastics to improve flexural modulus, tensile strength, dimensional stability and as an excellent extender for glass fibers.

When used in coatings, mica imparts a barrier in the film to improve moisture resistance, chemical resistance, brushability and promotes film adhesion

Unlike typical muscovite mica, which is 5 – 10 points darker in shade, formulators of both plastics and coatings can consider these white micas where color is of critical importance.