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Calcium Hydroxide / Hydrate

We supply several grades of Calcium Hydroxide (Hydrated Lime, Slacked Lime) based on a Vertical or Rotary kiln produced calcium oxide. Rotary Calcium Hydroxide is used in:

  • Waste Water/Water Treatment
  • Construction
  • Flue Gas Treatment
  • Chemical Processes and Chemical Reactions

Vertical Calcium Hydroxide is used in: Petrochemicals, Calcium Salts (citrates, phosphates, stearates,...), Acid Neutralization, Chemical Reactions, Calcium Enrichment (food, pharmaceutical, neutraceutical).

General Features

  • Oil additives
  • Chemical ingredient for intermediates such as calcium phosphate
  • Calcium fortification
  • Fertilizer as a filler and micro-nutrient source
  • Water treatment for Post filtration PH adjustment
  • Soil stabilization to enhance plasticity
  • Rubber and plastics as a filler and moisture scavenger