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Plastic & Rubber

Increase Quality
Plastic & Rubber are in general common terms for a wide range of synthetic or semisynthetic organic solid materials suitable for the manufacture of industrial and commercial products. To improve performance and/or reduce costs our extensive product portfolio and experience can yield the results you require for your specific product application process.

For Plastics
These products find wide application in TPOs, high impact copolymers, homopolymers and under-the-hood automotive compounds. They are also used in films, foams, polyester, nylon and epoxy resins.

General Features:

  • Provide reinforcement / Increases flexural modulus / Increases tensile strength
  • Increases heat distortion temperature
  • Improves long-term heat aging (over other talcs) / High purity (Low Fe2O3)
  • Shrinkage / Reduces mold shrinkage / Reduces coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Increases crystallization temperature
  • Nucleating agent
  • Bubble nucleating – foamed products
  • Antiblock for films

The Kish Company is able to offer extensive technical experience to successfully integrate our products into your systems. With our international network of resources, we offer the highest quality minerals in the world and our distribution points throughout the country will meet your same day inventory needs.