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Coatings & Inks

Enhanced Finish Capabilities
High chroma and color purity, all deliver unique attributes to increase finish capabilities to have greater brightness, strength and endurance. Coatings & Inks are coverings that can be applied to your products(s). The aim of applying coatings is to improve finish quality and durability. One can improve amongst others appearance, adhesion, wetability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, etc.. They may be applied in liquid, gas or solid form. The Kish Company offers a full series of performance products and services to assist you with your unique application process to enhance finish capabilies, performance and cost.

General Features:

  • Reduces Moisture Penetration
  • Reduces Mud Cracking
  • Improves UV Resistance
  • Reinforces Paint Film
  • Improves Chemical Resistance
  • Improves Stain Resistance
  • Improves Stain Resistance
  • Reduces Chalking and Checking
  • Improves Adhesion to Substrate

When looking for the most suitable product for your application, you can count on The Kish Company's product portfolio and experience. We help keep it simple. Contact your Kish authorized representative or contact us directly to assist.